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Job Opening: Utility Clerk/ Customer Service Representative


The Town of Pinetops, North Carolina, is seeking qualified applicants for the position of full-time Utility Department Billing Clerk/Customer Service Rep.  The primary responsibilities of the position are, but are not limited to, the entire utility billing and collections process and serving as the main staff member that greets residents/customers that come into the Town Office or contacts the Town by phone or other means and assists them with all their needs (not only utility issues/questions).  The position also entails performing basic all-around clerical/secretarial office-assistant-type duties such as creating/maintaining spreadsheet and lists, typing memos and informational documents, and similar tasks, as well as assisting the Town Clerk and Finance Director with various duties as assigned and serving as backup when needed.  A full job description can be requested or found on the Town website (townofpinetopsnc.com) or contacting using any of the means below.  The position offers a full range of benefits including health, dental, vision, 401K, and NC state retirement for municipal workers.  Pay will be based on qualifications and other job-related factors.  All applications must be received by Friday August 5, 2022 by 4PM.  A Town employment application is available at the Pinetops Town Office, found on the Town website, or by emailing or calling using the contact information below.  Applications can be returned via email to the address below, dropped off at the Town Office during normal business hours, or postal mailed. 


Physical Address:                               Mailing Address:                                Phone & Email:

Town of Pinetops                                Town of Pinetops                               252-827-4435

101 E. Hamlet Street                          P.O. Drawer C                                    townadministrator@

Pinetops, NC 27864                            Pinetops, NC 27864                            pinetopsnc.com

The Town of Pinetops is an Equal Opportunity Employer

 Job Description: https://townofpinetopsnc.com/employment-opportunities

Application: https://townofpinetopsnc.com/application-process