About Us

Welcome to the Town of Pinetops!  Our city is defined less by boundaries on a map than by the sense of shared values our residents hold dear.  We take pride in maintaining a wholesome lifestyle, rich in cultural history, along with a deep commitment to the preservation of our environment and a progressive approach to local business. 

Small Town, Big Services, and Convenience.

The Town of Pinetops is a full-service community providing its residents with, among other things, Town-provided sewer; water; electricity; garbage and recycling pickup; 24/7 police and dispatch/community monitoring; and a well-staffed, dedicated volunteer fire department.  With all public safety services backed up by close-by County resources as well. 

Within Town limits, there is full access to fiber and high-speed internet/online capabilities, by a choice of providers, one based right in Town.  K-12 public schools are all within a few miles’ drive, with the elementary school right in the heart of Town.

Pinetops is very centrally located and like a hub,  surrounded on all sides by major commerce/shopping/service centers, all within a 10–24-mile drive over easily navigatable terrain and well-kept major roads—total population in the radial area of approximately 200,000.  To the northwest is the City of Rocky Mount, NC; to the East is the City of Greenville, NC, known for its acclaimed medical facilities; and to the west is the growing community of Wilson, NC. 

In addition, just 60 miles to the west is the Raleigh-Durham metro region and the renowned Research Triangle Tech. area, as well as the home of UNC and Duke Universities.   And the great North Carolina shore with its many attractive destinations is within a few hours’ drive east from Pinetops.

Right in the Town of Pinetops you will find all you need for basic living as well with a grocery store, “dollar” stores, gas/convenience stores, restaurants, bank, and an excellent full-service community pharmacy, among other services.

The Town of Pinetops is also proud to service an ABB facility (employing over 400, and growing) and a Sleepworthy factory, both just outside Town limits.