Sanitation & Recycling

The Town of Pinetops provides for solid waste collection and recycling. Everyone within the Town limits is required to have garbage collection and all residential customers within the Town limits are required to have recycling collection.

Most trash and debris, when properly bundled and/or contained properly, can be disposed of at curbside with your regular garbage service days. If assistance is needed or you have questions for the Town, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

For questions specific to trash or recycling pick up, please call Town Hall.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the garbage collection days for my street?

On Monday's garbage is collected, Tuesday recycling is collected, Wednesday & Thursday will be large items and yard waste collection, Friday will be penalty garbage day if your trash wasn't picked up on Monday. Remember, observed holidays will alter the normal routine.

Why wasn't my garbage collected?

Public Works will now be leaving yellow stickers on your trash or recycling can with reasons why your trash wasn't collected. The penalty being that trash won't be picked up until Friday. If there's no yellow sticker and your trash wasn't collected please call Town Hall at 252-827-4435.


Who do I call in case of a water leak or burst pipe?

Please call the Town Hall at 252-827-4435 and we will send a Public Works technician out to turn off your water until the leak is fixed.